Request for help with a diabetes project.

My name is Callum Johnson. I am a Medical Student being supervised by Dr. David Webb of the Leicestershire Diabetes Centre (LDC). As part of my studies, I am working the type 1 activity and glucose study (TAG-1).

This project is looking for young people with type 1 diabetes (aged 18-40) to take part. Essentially, TAG-1 will be looking at blood sugar variations during exercise and will provide participants with a full 7-day continuous glucose monitor (CGMS) report. The study requires that participants have reasonable glucose control (HbA1c 6-9.5%).

We will be asking participants to wear the CGMS, along with a hip-based device that records physical activity, for 7-days. It requires two visits to the LDC, separated one week apart. Participants will also have a fitness test performed at the second visit which will take approximately 30 minutes.

I have emailed you to see if there were any people within the Parents Support Group that would be interested and also meet our age requirement (age 18-40 years). I have attached the participant information sheet for more information about the study.

We are actively recruiting so I would be happy to send information packs to people that you think may be interested, or alternatively, they can contact me directly by either phone or email (details below).

Best wishes,
Callum Johnson

Origin Ward, Evergreen Room
Leicestershire Diabetes Centre
Leicester General Hospital
Tel: 0116 258 8686