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Hello all,

Calling BAME students with Type 1 diabetes to join our production crew!

In June we will be launching a Diabetes in School Film Competition for secondary school and college students aged 11 to 18 years, as part of the Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade campaign. We are making a promotional video for the launch to market the competition to students and schools and to give them key information on what is involved and how to enter.

We are looking for students (preferably with Type 1 diabetes) aged 11-18 years of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to join our production crew!

Our Multi-Channel Producer (Charlotte Hunt) and a videographer would like to attend these students’ schools for an afternoon to create the video with them and a group of their friends – We would need full consent from the school and parents/guardians of the students involved. The video will then be promoted through all of our digital channels (reaching a big audience!) with the students and school being fully credited. 

If you know of any students/schools who would like to be featured in our promotional video please get in touch at  or call Thalie on 020 7424 1148 by Monday 2 March 2015.

Thank you.


Pete Shorrick

Midlands Regional Manager

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